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Eli Hobbs

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 12:14 Read 41190 times

"Utah helicopter has given me the opportunity to make a living while never really having to work. I have always enjoyed looking into aviation but with Utah Helicopter’s help I was able to make my dream become a career. I was walked through possibilities for my financing to make school a reality. I always knew what I was signing up for and it was always made known what would be expected of me. Utah Helicopter always had an honest and straight forward attitude toward me in both school and billing. I feel like I would not have received as much one-on-one help at any another school.
As far as a career as a Helicopter Pilot, I am extremely excited! Not only do I have the ability to accomplish my financial goals, I also have the tools to accomplish many many other goals as well. I enjoy not being cooped up in an office all day and take great pride in watching my students learn and grow and become better pilots while attaining their own dreams. As a pilot, I will get to travel the world if I want or have a job that puts me home every night whether I was to do contract utility work or life flight. My job as a pilot will allow a work schedule with plenty of off time. All of this while flying and seeing things and places people won’t ever see in their whole life.
Utah Helicopter is setting the standard for which every school and pilot will be measured against. It really goes back to the person and if they are ready to work hard to start living the dream OR if they are happy just wishing for that dream to happen for them."

Eli Hobbs - CFII
Helicopter Pilot -- Tourism in Kauai